Side of The FightEdit

Spike is one of Blast's many siblings,and,unlike Splice,sides with Blast.


Spike the Hedgehog

He is obsessed with purple.

Unique to members of the hedgehog family,Spike bases from Silver.The picture to the left is Spike,made using the "Paint" program.



Like his counterpart,Silver,he weilds the ability of Telekenetic Combat,allowing him to manipulate atoms using HIS  FRICKEN MIND to make things float,move,and the like.When he uses this ability to alter other objects,they are surrounded in a purple aura.

Elemental abilitiesEdit

He is a lightning elemental,born in Thundera City.He can create  electric atoms in a zigzagged stream,much like how Blast can do that with fire.He can,also,use this ability with his Psychokenesis,creating a comb his siblings call Parafusion.He,on the other hand,calls it "The inner Shock".He uses his Psychic abilities to tap into the foe's mind while they are frozen stiff by the Purple Aura.He then generates a "Shock bomb" in the foe's mind, backs away,then releases the aura.After the foe rears up for any strike,the point of which they are most vulnerable,he activates the bomb.The shock often makes the foe give up.After 1 minute,the foe will lose 200 solid IQ points,leaving them helpless,for they caannot even think to fight.


Mother:Lia the Hedgeehog,age 40

Twin Brothers:Splice the Hedgehog,age 19;Blast the Hedgehog,age 19