Sophia the hedgehog

What Sophia looks like,as a hedegehog-the eyes are a little...Derped

Side of The FightEdit

She sides with Blast the Hedgehog,so she is on the Hero side


Highly Predictible, Sophia bases from Maria Rotbotnik the hedgehog.I mean, like,Blast bases from Shadow.And you all know how there are a high amount of fanfictions involving both Shadow and Maria _ _   _ _ _ _,right?(post your answer in the discussion.)So... you should get my point by now, and I don't want to continue.If not just message my (Burstbusterz's) talk page asking.
File:Shadow and Maria.jpg
I'll find spare time to explain...*Yawn*
File:Sophia and Blast.jpg


Discluding Blast, her best friend is Flare the hedgehog.


Her boyfriend is Blast,and they both agree.
Sophia Battle theme in The chronicles of Blast 1 Dimension Dynasty02:40

Sophia Battle theme in The chronicles of Blast 1 Dimension Dynasty


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