Sazoshia is the deity of the future, and the counterpart of Kaylowss. Sazoshia can transform into anything in the dreams of people living after she was born, and can keep these transformations even when these dreams become the past. Sazoshia loves this transformation from this girl's nightmare, almost like Kaylowss's situation with the boy's nightmare. However, this transformation is nothing like Kaylowss's transformation. This transformation is a purple Dragon whom has a wingspan longer than Rodan's. It also has a sharp bladelike horn on its snout. Instead of firebreathing, this dragon shoots lasers. This dragon wears armor stronger than diamond. This dragon stands on 2 legs and can fly a faster than a modern airplane. The dragon is also a little larger than Destroyah. Sazoshia never uses this form in the real world. Sazoshia can travel through time to any time period after she was born. Sazoshia usually transforms into a cat that has black fur on its back, white on its belly, a black tail and white paws.

Personality and storyEdit

Sazoshia is very kind when in the human world, but becomes very violent when the future is in danger. Sazoshia is not afraid to talk to people, but can get very defensive if she takes things the wrong way, even though Sazoshia gets very angry when this happens, Sazoshia never uses her powers for her own purposes. Sazoshia is not Kaylowss's sister, but they are counterparts due to what happened after they were both born.


Sazoshia has no true weaknesses. Sazoshi can be killed but then her powers will transfer to Kaylowss. Kaylowss does in a way protect Sazoshia from her being killed by protecting the past, despite the fact they don't know about either one's existence. To kill Sazoshia, you must travel back in time and kill her when she is most vulnerable, at birth. But Kaylowss probably would know ahead of time, and kill you.