Reuben Adrian (alias Rubicon Adriatico) is a fictional character who has appeared in Storm's Brewing.


Appearance: White, Hazel eyes, commonly seen hauling one of several backpacks full of various supplies and trinkets. He tries to stay well-groomed, but he travels fairly often and can't always spare the time. He often wears neutral-colored clothes (colorblind), and seems to be particularly fond of a black windbreaker.

Personality: When one first meets him, one finds he's mild-mannered, but he's reserved and almost furtive. He prefers to avoid battles rather than fight them, but in battle he will not hesitate to use techniques some fighters would consider "cheap". When in the company of his close friends, he can become brash and playful, sometimes obnoxiously so.

Specialty Type: Neutral

Vivosaurs: [1] (starter), [2] (Poncho), [3] (Jan), [4], [5]

VMM: [6][7], [8].

Relationship with VivosaursEdit

O-Raptor is Rubicon's starter, who suffers from mild paranoia and panophobia. While O-Raptor does get better at asserting itself in adverse situations, it never fully loses its uneasiness...

Squik is the clown of the group. It'll do anything to get a laugh, save throwing itself into a meat grinder.

Jan (the Jara) is Rubicon's best friend of the three. She's his island-hopping transportation, his confidant, his biggest asset, and his unfailing ally. In return he's her loving guradian, trainer, and sardine-provider. Nothing gets between the two of them.

Tro, Aopteryx and Penta are three Vivosaurs obtained sometime after the Caliosteo Cup. Tro, as expected, is a clever and perceptive Vivosaur with a high critical hit rate. Aopteryx is a rather quiet Vivosaur that will occasionally wander off, much to Rubicon's dismay. Penta is an easily excitable Vivosaur that Rubicon sends out for extra power in his battles. His fun, go-getter attitude has caused his to become of Rubicon's favorites, and the only one of the new trio to receive a nickname: Poncho.

Aeros and Menchi are the two Vivosaur that Rubicon revived for the Caliosteo Cup. Not much personality here.

Interaction with Other CharactersEdit

Justyn: Rubicon and Justyn are usually on good terms with one another. There are times when neither one wants to put up with the others antics. Thankfully, instances are short-lived and have little to no impact on the duo's friendship.


  •  Rubicon was originally created by E4439Qv5 for Storm's Brewing.