Chapter 1-A year old goal acheivedEdit


My alarm clock blared.It was 8 AM,and I had gone to bed at 4 AM.I was exhuasted,so I thought of turning off the alarm and going back to bed.But I didn't,after more thinking.A friend of mine,Nicole,had jsut recentley gotten a pokemon.It was a Bug-type,namely Scyther,but I was jealous.She had gotten a Pokemon.I normally sleep until 12 PM on Sundays like today,but this Sunday was special.I was going to get a pokemon.I was posed with a choice of Igny,Rainscale or Slithersprout,and I had known in an instant.I was gonna pick Igny,the Fire-type.

Not only that,but it gains the Dragon type-an overpowered type that has a wide moveset.So,I got into my clothing,which are typically a red shirt with a Tyrantrum on it and blue pants with an Aurorus.I grabbed my flame-print bag,and bolted.When I got outside,I remembered that I had forgotten to get my shoes on.I ran back to the house BEFORE trying to remember where Professor Maple's lab is to get my shoes.I slipped them on,then bolted.After meandering through crowds of poeple.I finally got to the lab,and,to my suprise,Ryan,my best friend,was there."Hey,Ryan!Did Maple invite you,too?"I said upon arriving."Yeah.I'm going to pick Rainsale.What about you?"

"Igny." I had forgotten about the Dragon typing of Rainscale's final evolution,Terrorfin.As he was about to respond,Professor Maple opened the doors. "Ah! Justyn! Ryan! Glad you came! Come on in."

When we went in,we saw a kid playing with a Tyrunt."Woah! a Tyrunt!"I yelled in astonishment.I walked over to the boy,to ask his name."That's a rare pokemon you have there! What's your name? I'm Justyn."i asked him."I'm Mike.This is Tyrunt."he said. "Ty ty ruunnnnttttt!!!!" The Tyrnut said."You new to pokemon?"he said. "Yeah,i'm getting my first pokemon now."I replied. "Hey!Justyn!Come over here!" the proffessor called me over.I walked over,and the proffessor was holding a tube-shaped capsule."There are three pokemon here-the water type Rainscale,the fire type Igny,and the grass type Slithersprout-go on,choose one." Faster than you could say its name,I snagged Igny's pokeball.Ryan took Rainscale's.

After a full year of dreaming,my dream had finally come true...