Duna the Hedgehog

Duna the Hedgehog


Duna is very friendly, and loves to talk with others. She has a ton of friends, and she loves Aguos the Hedgehog. Duna likes to swim a lot. She says it's both fun and she sees Aguos a lot. Duna and Aguos are boyfriend and girlfriend. Duna is currently 16 years old.


Duna can run at a speed of 600 mph. Duna is an Ice elemental, and both Ice and Water elementals are affected by the Solemn Sapphires, so she is affected by them too, but only by the Solemn Sapphires, Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds. Her speed is doubled in Pacifi Duna form. She can only transform into Pacifi Duna and Typhoon Duna. Duna is a master of Kung Fu and can defend herself very well. She also has the power to make ice from thin air, freeze the air around you to trap you, and turn even the hottest water into ice.


Aguos the Hedgehog


Duna lives on Glaical Island