Side of The Fight Edit

It's Blast the Hedgehog.In the flesh.Same side.


Since his power multiplies by 10
Fossil Fighters Champions Final Battle Music (Looped)

Fossil Fighters Champions Final Battle Music (Looped)


once he Transforms,he can destroy GALAXIES at the sprout of the anger.At the peak,say goodbye to everything.It will be the universe apocalypse.

Brain statusEdit

His brain in this form is highly vulnerable to amnesia and mind control.At the end of chapter 9 of The Chronicles of Blast 1:Dimension Dynasty,you have to fight him,brainwashed.For the theme, just play the video to the right.And the brain's Physical nerve weakened as well,leaving him more vulnerable to Physical attack.But the weakening of the Physical nerve triggered the strengthening of the Special nerve.Don't use ray or gun attacks.Try Water-Type Punch or sword attacks like Sophia 's Hydro Sythe POW move.Unless you have all 7 Chaos Emeralds and Sonic,He'll never strike second or miss a hit.It is possible,however,to have that,but the proccess is very time consuming-going through 3 dimensions with 35+ areas and 3-4 areas with a Chaos Emerald EACH,it would take about a day,nonstop unless you stop in the middle of Chaos duels.Then it would take only 4 hours.

Battle statsEdit




Special Atck:87

Special Dfnce:86



Abilities:Justified,Fire Boost,Lightningrod and Tyrant Terror