He looks just like Justyn(fossil fighters),along with a belt holding his Pokeballs.He has the ability to foresee future AND past events.He has many Pokemon from the Dream World,due to the fact he enters his pokemon's dreams when asleep and visits the Entralink the next day.His Starters were Riolu and Rufflet,the Rufflet being a Shiny Pokemon.His world seems to rotate around The Nuzlocke Challenge.He has never been defeated.


Party at age 13Edit

Pokemon Ability Moves Type


Level 20

Impervious Force Palm,Counter,Mud-Slap,Tackle Type_Fighting.gif Type_Ground.gif


Level 23

Impervious Flame Wheel,Dual Chop,Slash,Dragon Rage Type_Fire.gif


Level 28

Sheer Force Hone Claws,Aerial Ace,Fury Attack,Leer Type_Normal.gif Type_Flying.gif

All of them are at Level 100.

Pokemon Ability Moves Type
Dragonite_BW.gif Inner Focus Draco Meteor,Surf,Fire Blast,Thunder Type_Dragon.gif Type_Flying.gif
Haxorus_BW.gif Impervious Lock-On,Guillotine,Draco Meteor,Overheat Type_Fire.gif Type_Dragon.gif
Lugia_Sprite%28BW%29.gif Multiscale Aeroblast,Recover,Punishment,Dragon Rush Type_Psychic.gif Type_Flying.gif
Carracosta_BW.gif Sturdy Hydro Pump,Stone Edge,Rain Dance,Swords Dance Type_Water.gif Type_Rock.gif
Lucario_BW.gif Impervious Close Combat,Meteor Mash,Lock-On,Guillotine

Type_Steel.gif Type_Fighting.gif Type_Ground.gif

Shiny_Braviary_BW.gif Sheer Force Superpower,Sky Attack,Sky Drop, Type_Normal.gif Type_Flying.gif

PC BoxEdit

Pokemon Ability Moves Type
Samurott_B2W2.gif Impervious Hydro Cannon,Hyper Beam,Guillotine,Blizzard Type_Water.gif Type_Steel.gif
Feraligatr_BW.gif Impervious Hydro Cannon,Draco Meteor,Giga Impact,Hyper Beam Type_Water.gif Type_Dragon.gif
Shiny_Serperior_B2W2.gif Impervious Frenzy Plant,Hyper Beam,Draco Meteor,Hydro Pump Type_Grass.gif Type_Dragon.gif