Aguos was after Perfect Chaos was destroyed. The positive emotions Perfect Chaos had turned into Aguos. The youngest emotion became his age, which is 16 years old.


Aguos is very friendly, and has many friends. He can be shy with meeting new people and other hedgehogs. He is currently in a loving relationship with Duna the Hedgehog. He is fearless though, and will try to do what's right and will try to save whomever he can. He usually is running all over the ocean floor looking for treasure which he does get money for, but a decent amount of the money goes to charity. Despite his very friendly personality, he absolutely hates models, TV shows about modeling, shows about Drama Queens,Beauty shows, or any contests having to do with famous people. He says that those specific things are very common on TV and don't deserve as much attention as they do, and he also says that nature shows, and education channels and programs deserve more attention.


Aguos is fast on land, reaching speeds of 644 mph, but he can reach speeds of 2,568 mph on the bottom of the ocean due to his shoes, that work better in the water due to him being made from parts of Chaos, whom is made of water. He can also breathe underwater using his pendant, which is a water breather. He carries many col
ored, reusable rings that he can use to either throw at things to do damage or throw to tie up someone. The color of the ring shows the power, blue for water (throwing the enemy up and making dropping it to the ground), yellow (shocking the foe) and green (which does both). He can control water just like any water elemental can. His watershoes spray water, so he can glide for a short time when he stays in the water for a little bit. He can be affected by the chaos emeralds, turning him into the green colored Pacifi Aguos, making his water and land speeds triple the normal speed. He can also be affected by the Solemn Sapphires too, turning him into this form as well, or all of the Chaos Emeralds and Solemn Sapphires to turn himself into Typhoon Aguos. The Doomsday Diamonds and Gems of Sorrow can affect him too, but if all the gems are affecting him at once, it will turn him into Storm Aguos, his most powerful form, able to destroy galaxies and make planets if he wants. He can only transform into this for 30 minutes, though. Aguos can use the Sword of the Storms when transformed into Storm Aguos. His most powerful attack is Storm Slash, where he rushes and swings his sword even faster than light, and slashes with incalculably strong force. He will turn into Pacifi Aguos right after the attack, or normal Aguos if used after the 15 minute mark.


Aguos Lives in Bay City. His main job is being a firefighter.


Blast the Hedgehog

Spike the Hedgehog